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Try the Even EarPrint online demo and experience personalized sound for yourself.

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Glasses for your ears

Even’s quick and easy built-in hearing test maps the way you hear different frequencies in each ear and creates your EarPrint - your unique hearing profile.

See how you hear

The H2 App lets you see how you hear, store and manage unlimited EarPrints and monitor your battery.

Get your music back

Our hearing is unique, imperfect, and changes over time. Even accentuates musical instruments and sounds that have faded away to help you recover the joy of music.​

Impressively Built

State of the art drivers, acoustic engineering and premium materials.

Fairly Priced

Premium quality at an affordable price. Free Shipping, 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a One year warranty.

Passive Noise Cancelling

Superb passive noise cancelling keeping personalized sound in and unwanted noise out.