Cory is a sound technician from Austin, Texas. Not long after receiving his Even earphones, he reached out to tell us how much he loves them.

“My first Even experience was sitting in my backyard relaxing. Right after setting my EarPrint, I put on The Goat Rodeo Sessions by Chris Thile and Yo-Yo Ma. I was immediately smiling from ear to ear, hearing every finger move and string growl on the album like never before,” says Cory.

Even makes a big difference for Cory. When he was younger he competed in Usaci competitions in which contestants compete to see whose car audio system puts out the loudest noise. Cory says that competitors regularly hit the 150-155 dB range, with the top professionals hitting the mid 160s. (Note: Audiology experts say hearing loss can occur at consistent levels anywhere above 85 db.)  “I think my hearing was most likely damaged by being close to the driver-side window which was closed during testing and competition runs.”

So when Cory read a review of our earphones online, he decided to get Even. And because hearing is such an integral part of what he does, he was excited by the idea of technology that can adjust sound to his own hearing ability.

It was love at first sound. Now, in addition to recreational listening, Cory applies his Even EarPrint to his work as a recording artist.

“I use my Evens everywhere--from the plane, to the office, to the studio, and behind the console. The earpieces fit well enough that they block an extraordinary amount of noise. They have such a flat response (based on my hearing) that there isn’t anything that doesn’t sound amazing with my EarPrint. That’s why I like to listen back to a rough mix from the studio with them on, to be sure that I haven’t misrepresented something that happened live on stage with EQ. Then I’ll pull them out one last time as I am finishing a track to reference them again.”

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