We love podcasts. And we think podcasts are among of the best, still-hidden treasures in the world of digital sound. Once you you become hooked on one or two, it’s hard to stop listening. Podcasts are about as varied as the blogosphere. Some are focused solely on music, but the gamut spans business news, spoken word and storytelling, talk shows, murder mysteries and weekly digests. Most of the Even team is subscribed to at least a few, so we wanted to share the ones we’re hooked on with you. Some of the podcasts we love (and sound ever better with your Even earphones) are:

Meet the Composer

Meet the Composer, hosted by the talented Nadia Sirota, features in-depth interviews with composers on the leading edge of modern music. The podcast, produced by WQXR Radio in New York, provides listeners with the artistic, emotional and technical context behind new masterpieces. It’s a great way to get to know new music. (Full disclosure: Even is a sponsor of Meet the Composer!)

99% Invisible

This one is for those that love design. 99% Invisible started as a radio show in San Francisco and has grown to syndication and a regular podcast touching on architecture, infrastructure, technology and product design. The name is derived from the idea that 99 percent of your body is unseen and not visible to the naked eye, and we often don’t know much about the design behind the objects and places we interact with on a daily basis. If you want to know more, subscribe!


Deep thinkers love Radiolab. Each hour-long episode tackles a grand subject, usually in the realms of science or philosophy, like the perception of time, ethics or politics. The show, hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, has won multiple awards for it’s unique and engaging documentary style that weaves interviews in with original music.


Get to know the shocking, inspiring stories of real people with Strangers, hosted by Lea Thau (creator, by the way, of the Moth). Listening in on Lea’s interviews takes you on a journey through the incredibly interesting lives of other people. Recent anecdotes include lesbian occultists, organ donors and stowaways. Sometimes learning about the experiences of others, be it great fortune or heartbreak, can help us learn more about ourselves. The subjects of Strangers never fail to tell a wildly fascinating story.

Recode Decode

One of Silicon Valley’s best known and most respected journalists, Kara Swisher, hosts Recode Decode podcast. The subject matter isn’t limited to technology though, it often highlights the intersection of tech and culture, how the two intertwining quickly causes shifts in both. Interviews with top executives, technologists and celebrities in the business make this weekly post a must-hear.