We were pleasantly surprised and humbled to hear that our H1 Headphones were included in TIME Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide this year! It is a huge honor to be ranked among tech pioneers such as Amazon, Samsung, Google, Nintendo, and Apple, as well as countless innovative newcomers. As a young but passionate industry disruptor, you can imagine how excited we are to be in such good company. You can imagine the sheer volume of high fives at the office that morning.

We want to celebrate this milestone with you by offering a free gift with your next purchase! Enter promo code 'TIME' at checkout and receive a pair of COMPLY™ Eartips ($20 value) or Wood Headphone Stand ($30 value).

Check out what TIME Magazine has to say about the  H1 Headphones:
  • 'Who’s it for: Music fans who say today’s tunes sound terrible. 
  • Why we like it: For the $179, the H1’s comfy headband, soft ear pads, and rich mahogany cups are already a nice deal. But these cans also pack customizable “earprint technology” [try the demo!] that lets you tune them to your distinct hearing preferences, bringing out all the nuance that gets muddled out by MP3s' and streaming music.'

Naturally, TIME draws attention to our EarPrint technology. EarPrint is a term we coined for “this-is-the-way-you-hear-and-it’s-as-unique-as-your-fingerprint." It’s our proprietary process for figuring out how you hear different frequencies of sound in each ear. It’s built into our headphones—we use it to tune sound to each of your ears. To give you a sense of how it works, we created a demo so you can test it right now. It only takes about 90 seconds. You can immediately compare the difference in sound on one of 7 different music tracks. You’ll also get a visual diagram of your own EVEN EarPrint!