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Sometime around the middle of 2014, our co-founders, Ofer Raz, a seasoned technology innovator, and Danny Aronson, a veteran sound designer and musician, had a conversation that went something like this:

“You realize that everyone hears differently, it’s a biological fact, and that people hear differently in their left and right ears. And we each hear different frequencies at different volumes. On top of all that, our hearing changes over time. Yet the entire audio industry assumes that we all have perfect hearing, and that everyone’s hearing is exactly the same. That’s why all current audio devices are a one-sound-fits-all proposition.”

“So then why aren’t headphones more like eye-glasses? Could we figure out how a person hears and then adapt the sound to their unique hearing profile, their “EarPrint”? Like prescription glasses for your ears?”

Fast-forward two years. After extensive research led by a stellar team of sound designers, mastering engineers, acoustic engineers and audiologists, Even Singular Sound technology now does just that--tunes sounds to the way you hear. The team created a proprietary, 90-second hearing test, known as the Even EarPrint, to analyze your hearing in each ear, and adapts sound and music to your unique EarPrint, in real time, with patent-pending, Singular Sound technology.

The result is a breakthrough listening experience that allows music and sound to resonate in a way that’s perfectly adapted to you, the listener.

With offices in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, and Portland, the Even team is re-defining the boundaries of personal sound with our unique mix of high-quality audio and personalisation across a wide range of devices and technologies.

We also take pride in our deep commitment to new music (check out our Singular Sound Sessions), scientific research, quality products, stellar customer service and to the very basic understanding that we are all different, yet we are all Even.

Meet the Team

Danny Aronson
Co-founder & CEO
Ofer Raz
Pamela Kramer
Mosi Shuchman
VP Operations
Kevin Leong
Chief Maker
Eran Weitz
Sound Designer
Ronen Hillel
Head of Sound Design
Hannah Williams
Michael Potter
Dave Atchison