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An open Letter to music lovers

First of all, you’re awesome.

Music is a beautiful thing. Like you, we were born with music deep in our bones. We love listening to it, discovering new artists, and reveling in the storytelling of sound.

We worship it as much as you. But there is a problem.

The audio industry, which delivers your music, has been static for 70 years. It operates under two archaic assumptions, both of which they know damn right to be wrong.

The first is that everyone hears exactly the same. The second is that everyone’s hearing is perfect and symmetrical.

They operate under old school, one-size-fits-all, mass produced, rigidly conformist factory settings. That is how things used to be. We’re here to change it.

Because your hands, eyes, feet, lungs, knees, and hips aren’t like anyone else’s.

Your toes, elbows, thighs, nostrils, knuckles, ears, and fingerprints aren’t perfectly symmetrical.

Your mind, your style, your imagination, your feelings, your loves and hates, your quirks, your smile, your laughter, the way you cry, the way you smell and taste. It’s all uniquely you.

The truth is that everyone is different.
And that’s a beautiful thing.

Your hearing is also highly individual. It’s imperfect and it changes over time. It is un-symmetrical. It’s strange and there’s a lot we’re still learning about it.

So we made a musical instrument, a headphone, that is actually different - just like you. It listens to the way you hear, and adapts itself to you to give you the best listening experience for your ears. It’s different - because you are different.

We also believe that in today’s social climate, standing up for different is an imperative, moral choice.

Standing up for different makes us stronger.
Standing up for different makes us wiser.
Standing up for different makes us better.

We are all different, yet we share a common goal - to move our culture forward and care for every human, no matter what they look like, where they come from, who they love, what god they pray to, or what kind of music moves them.

Don’t settle for sameness.
It belittles your soul.
Makes your world smaller.

Stand up for Different.
Because Different is Beautiful.

Meet the Team

Danny Aronson
Co-founder & CEO
Ofer Raz
Pamela Kramer
Mosi Shuchman
VP Operations
Kevin Leong
Chief Maker
Eran Weitz
Sound Designer
Ronen Hillel
Head of Sound Design
Hannah Williams
Michael Potter
Dave Atchison