"These Awesome Headphones Adjust Their Sound Based on How You Hear.

EVEN makes headphones that literally redefine the way you listen to music. We tested the earbuds next to a similar pair by Bose, and the sound quality and clarity seriously blew us away."

"The New EVEN Over-Ear Headphones Will Blow Your Mind Without Blowing Your Ears.

The benefits of EVEN EarPrint technology include a uniquely rich and detailed sound that compensates for frequencies you may have lost over time or have always had issues with, creating a feeling of surround-sound - the sense of being engulfed by the music."

"EVEN Wireless Headphones Voted 100 Greatest Innovations.

A custom sound profile—which you can see in the companion app, tunes sound response to each individual ear."

"A solid pick for those who love looking good while listening to music that sounds pitch-perfect.

The sound quality of these headphones is phenomenal. My friends were in awe of the design, especially the comfortable padding for your ears. Price Can’t Be Beat - for $150, you’re getting a pretty good deal for stellar audio quality and style."

Silver Medal Award

"The EVEN H3 headphones are well-designed and come with plenty of accessories, but the best thing about them definitely has to be EVEN’s EarPrint technology.

It’s not quite a way to EQ the sound the way you want — instead, it’s a great way to deliver EVEN’s sound to your ears, no matter what your ears are like.

Because of their high quality and innovative technology, we’ve awarded the EVEN H3 headphones the Headphone Review Silver Medal."

"EarPrint technology builds a custom sound profile as unique as your ears.

EarPrint hearing test customizes the sound signature for your ears, and it works. Reasonably priced. Comfortable on-ear design. Good sound quality. 20 hours of battery life."

"EVEN’s headphones produce sound based on your hearing ability.

Sony, Bose, Sennheiser and others take note: the future of personal audio might just involve creating your own, personalized listening profile based on your hearing."

"Cans tuned to your ears.

EVEN are my favorite over-ear headphones. They produce extraordinary sound as well as being wonderfully light, comfortable and eminently travel-ready."

"EVEN is dramatically altering how you hear sound with state-of-the-art technology and products

The EVEN company and headphones are among the top five headphones that I've tested. The company has a strong vision of changing the way we listen to the content we love. Whether that content be in the car, at home watching a movie, or simply listening to music, we should all be able to enjoy it so that it's unique to you. 

"An audiophile's wet dream.

These headphones are an audiophile’s wet dream and tend to ask a hefty price, usually over $400. But this year, you can step up your audio game with the Even H4 headphones for considerably less. The Even H4 lets you create an audio profile, called an earprint, via an app. Using your new earprint, the Even H4 will be able to give you the best-personalized listening experience. 

"The Best Wireless Headphones for Everyone 2018.

EVEN's H3 on-ears let you manually take a hearing test. You listen to various low and high frequencies, letting the headset know when you hear them... 
if you have any form of hearing loss, these headphones may be game-changing and sound a lot better than normal on-ears. And they get 20 hours of battery life, which is always nice."

"EVEN H2 Wireless Headphones: EarPrint Sound Personalization FTW!

The EVEN wireless headphones are an investment in a great looking pair of headphones with a huge, custom sound; in other words — worth it!"

"EVEN Headphones H2 Hands-on Review.

It’s not just music that sounds better, either; podcasts, movies, and video games all sound better with EarPrint enabled, because the headphones are filtering out all the frequencies outside of the audible range while enhancing the frequencies you can hear."

"The EVEN H3 are classy $150 headphones that tune sound to your hearing ability.

The H3 sounds surprisingly good even without the EarPrint tuning activated, with a solid soundstage for closed back, on-ear headphones and plenty of treble clarity and bass oomph. I’d be pretty happy if I paid $150 for the H3 without any fancy tuning features."

"The EVEN Headphones are a great product.

They are built on a good idea - the idea that you can improve the hearing in your ears in just the same way you can buy specs that make seeing things better. Hearing Aids perform a similar function but are so obtrusive that they are there to listen to the outside world. The EVEN H1 Headphones are the equivalent of spectacles for the ears."

"Perfect Sound Just Got Personal -- Meet The H1 Headphones From EVEN.

A direct answer to personalized sound, their EarPrint technology offers us a solution for achieving a listening experience that adapts to the exact way you detect and hear frequencies. After all, people are dynamic — it just makes sense that our tools should follow suit."

"EVEN H1 Headphones review: Truly personalized sound for your ears.

There’s no question in my mind that the EVEN H1 headphones are worthy of a Top Pick of 2016 award. The design, comfort, and balanced sound produced by the EarPrint technology will have me highly recommending these headphones to anyone looking for a new pair."

"EVEN introduces new H3 headphones that adapt to the way you hear.

The company is taking on mainstream brands like Apple, Beats and Bose.
Going from the assessment that these brands have failed to recognize that everyone hears differently, EVEN decided to reinvent personal audio with breakthrough technology and products that tune sound to each listener’s unique hearing, with their patented EVEN EarPrint."

"My first EarPrint:

A review of the EVEN H1 headphones.

Toggling the EarPrint on and off really demonstrates how impressive the phones are."

"These ‘EarPrint’ headphones will make you realize how bad your hearing is.

It isn’t overbearing with its changes. At least in my case, the difference was fairly subtle; it didn’t feel like the headphones were trying to overcompensate for anything. That’s because the headphones are actually quite good as straight-up headphones, even with the EarPrint mode turned off."

"EVEN over-ear headphones tailor sound to your hearing.

The personalized audio of MeQ's EVEN earbuds is sweet, but there's an obvious catch involved: you have to be a fan of in-ears to use them. What if you prefer the feel of headphone cups? Don't worry, you're set."

"New EVEN earphones tune themselves to each individual’s hearing.

I’ve been testing one of those products that make you slap your forehead and wonder why every other product in its category hasn’t worked this way forever."


"The smartest headphones you've ever heard.

They’re like prescription glasses for your ears...press one button, and how you listen to music will change forever: the headphones become something like prescription glasses for your ears."

"EVEN earphones tune into your ears to delivery perfect sound.

For me, the EVEN earphones definitely made an audible difference. I played songs by Beck, Jamie xx, Ariana Grande, Tame Impala, A$AP Rocky, and the new Rihanna song from the Star Trek movie soundtrack. Given my EarPrint, the EVEN earphones gave a boost to the vocals and the bass across all genres."

"Audiogram-administering earphones deliver tunes with prescription-like customization.

Human anatomy varies so much, that our own two ears can hear as different from each other as they might to anyone else's. But one company has taken a more scientific approach towards delivering the kind of sonic experience so many individuals spend endless hours seeking. EVEN's earphones are designed to analyze, adjust, and adapt audio to ears by using a built-in audiogram, or hearing test."

"These $99 Earbuds Customize Music For Your Ears.

EVEN is a new breed of earbuds designed to customize the sounds heading into your ears specifically for your ears. When you first pop them in, you press the "EVEN" button on the controller (which houses volume, pause/play, and said Even button) and run through a setup process that involves listening to eight musical tones in each ear."

"Hands On with EVEN, $99 earphones customized to the way you hear.

I hit play on a few new songs of the week (what’s up Adele) and could hear every instrument like it was in surround sound. Every drum beat, crank and electric sound came through crystal clear right along with the vocals."

"EVEN EarPrint Earphone.

Bottom Line: These earphones are the prescription glasses for your ears and using them was like turning on a light switch - our ears were finally able to 'see'. The sound quality is up there with more expensive noise-canceling models, and they are a fantastic purchase for any audiophile!"


"EVEN Earphones Tuned to Your Audio Profile.

I tried to listen to various music with my audio profile on and off, and the difference is significant. Even works very well for me since I do not hear bases so well, especially with the left hear, and EarPrint technology compensates wonderfully for that."

"The EVEN headphones make you feel better about your poor hearing.

The best headphones in the world don't mean much if the listener's hearing isn't up to the task. The EVEN earbuds, available today, are the latest entry in this market, with an advantage of costing just under $100 -- comparable to many high-quality, non-personalized headsets."

"EVEN Launches Adjustable Headphones To Fit Your Hearing.

What sets the EVEN earphones apart from most other products in this category is the fact that they can be adjusted according to the wearer’s hearing. Not everyone hears music the same way or at the same volumes, and the company’s CEO, Danny Aronson, believes that the audio industry should develop headphones that take this fact into account."

"These clever earbud headphones can boost your ability to hear certain sounds.

"Sound quality is absolutely an individual preference... The earphones actively senses your hearing ability and tailors its sound accordingly for a 'fully-personalized' listening experience."


"EVEN launches 99$ EarPrint Earphones.

Imagine the possibility of having a pair of earphones that can be customized to the way you hear. Sounds unreal? Well, EVEN has done it, only for 99$."

"EVEN launches $99 earphones that adjust to your hearing.

Me thinks that you shouldn’t have to break the bank for premium devices and so has launched its EVEN earphones, which contain technology to optimize sound based on how you personally hear."

"EVEN's Personalized EarPrint Earbuds Want to Replace Your Beats Headphones.

With EarPrint, the sound is rich and surrounding. Every beat is balanced and mixed the way an audio engineer would want. The earphones start at $99, and they’re topping our summer wish list right now."

"The EVEN Earphones analyze your hearing to build a custom sound signature that will leave most listeners very happy."

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